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Create the life you want and


When we heal our past, our future expands and we can thrive.

How I Work

My practice harnesses the power of language to remove limiting beliefs and change behavioral patterns. Through a series of carefully designed questions and dialogue, I help clients explore and revisit the originating experience in their past or childhood that has caused limiting beliefs. Those beliefs, or the stories we make up, are unconsciously shaping our decisions and actions. It's those beliefs that are preventing us from having the life we want and stopping our growth. 

going to the source

One of the unique aspects about my practice is that clients likely will not need ongoing sessions, like traditional therapy or counseling. Clients usually come to me for something specific that is not working in their lives, such as relationship challenges, money issues, fear, etc. But unlike traditional therapy or counseling, my work is about identifying the originating experience that is causing unhappiness, terror, fear or confusion — then updating that limiting belief so it no longer affects a person’s present life and future possibilities.

Instant, Lasting results

When we heal, everyone around us benefits. Our change is the single most important gift to the world. My approach involves simple changes that heal the source of limiting beliefs. By healing the past, a person's brain chemistry changes and new ways of living emerge. 

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